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Mitali Re-Elected PL President

Protais Mitali
Mitali is also Rwanda's Minister of Sport and Culture
The fifth congress of the Liberal Party (PL) 'Parti Liberal' has re-elected, Protais Mitali as its president and party flag bearer for the next five-year-term of office.

Mitali is also Rwanda's Minister of Sport and Culture and has been at the realm of the party since the 2010 presidential elections, when he replaced former party president Prosper Higiro

In his acceptance speech, Mitali said that he is fully energized to step party objectives and steering the party's contribution to the country's development.

"We will build on what we have already started. To continue to build our party, recruit more members and increase its capacity to create awareness of government development programs" said Mitali.

The party also highlighted its achievement over the past five years, especially its participation in the 2010 presidential elections, 2013 parliamentary elections, training and recruitment of members and contribution of Rwf11.5million to the country's development fund (Agaciro fund).

Also elected were new committee members who included: Hon Donatilla Mukabalisa (first vice president) Hon François Byabarumwanzi (2nd vice president) Hon Dr. Odette Nyiramirimo (Secretary General) and Leodomir Ndagijimana as the Treasurer

The secretary general of the forum for Rwanda political parties Anicet Kayigema, hailed the party members for their contribution to building democracy, freedom of speech and community development.

The Liberal Party was founded on 14 July 1991 is now an important political formation. The party is one of the key players in Rwanda's politics after The Social Democratic Party (PSD), with members in the Rwandan parliament and the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

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