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Rwanda Should Not Negotiate With FDLR-U.S. Envoy

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Rwanda Should Not Negotiate With FDLR-U.S. Envoy

The United States Special envoy for Great Lakes region, Sen. Russ Feingold, has said he doesn't see reasons why Rwanda should organize seat-down table negotiations with FDRL, saying there has been a framework agreement signed to eliminate all armed groups in the region.
The US special envoy was speaking to Kigali Today news Website on Monday, shortly after meeting with officials from the Economic Community for Great Lakes Region (CEPGL) in Rubavu District, Western Province.

Sen. Russ said that he is on a regional tour as part of reviewing the implementation of Addis-Ababa agreement that was signed by African heads of States to disarm and eliminate all armed militia groups operating in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Highlighting on FDRL that continue to destabilize DRC's Eastern region, Sen. Russ said that he had consulted United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) to halt FDRL operations and get them out of DRC.

"We believe that all the armed groups operating illegally in Eastern Congo have to be defeated or surrender. We are pleased with the progress against M23, ADF and the FDLR and we are confident that MONUSCO working with FRDC will move in a right direction and I have spent a lot of time here and briefed on how the progress is being made," he said.

Asked if Rwanda should negotiate with FDRL, Sen. Russ responded that there has been a frame work of agreement signed by African heads of States countries that all armed groups in the region should be eliminated.

"What I believe is that under the framework agreement, all the countries in the region agreed that all armed groups have to be eliminated. They all support MONUSCO and that's MONUSCO's job. Now, if all the people in FDLR and in other groups want to surrender, we provide all necessary support to make it possible," He added.

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